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The Fast & Cost-Efficient Way to Start Selling Pet Insurance

Whether your insurance aims to be mono or multi-pet, individual or group, national or international - we’ve got you all covered
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Join insurance leaders who use Cloud Insurance in 25+ countries on five continents
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Complexity is not a problem

Got a complex idea? We’ll help you turn it into a simple, 100% digital experience. We mean it! With Cloud Insurance, you’ll bring your user flows to life. Automate your quotes, policies, claims and renewals, billing, reporting, and distribution. Our modular SaaS with API integrations enables you to:

  • Shape a unique offering to make your product stand out
  • Attract tech-savvy consumers looking for a digital service 
  • Create a user-friendly product discovery process
  • Win and retain clients
  • Gain market share

Leverage the momentum

Many tech vendors prioritize larger companies with high paychecks. They make you wait in line and are less flexible. They simply don’t get that organizations like yours are the driving force behind the market transformation.

We won’t make you wait as we’re excited about your innovation! So let’s design a system that meets your requirements. Here’s what enables us to make it shine above the rest:

  • Unique features developed for your particular case
  • Library of customizable ready-made pet templates to speed things up
  • High-quality APIs to help you build a robust tech ecosystem
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Please don’t take our word for it. See it in action!

Time is of essence. Spend it wisely by taking a deep-dive into our system. Not only will this investment support your current goals, but it will pave the way to your future growth.

  • Accommodate different languages, currencies, and regulations
  • Enhance your tech with our product enhancements
  • Get support from committed experts who have done it before
  • Plan your next move with real-time data
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“We had a relatively complex product. [Now], the user just needs to answer eight questions, and in 15 clicks or so, have a pet insurance product with three separate coverages. We couldn’t have done it without the flexibility that Cloud Insurance offers. It’s a very complicated product sold in a very simple manner, and that’s something we’re very proud of.”
Nicholas Hanabergh
Nicholas Hanabergh, co-founder of Kanguro
“It's important to be an innovator and drive new solutions for our potential niche and target group. To reach that, we needed a partner that is flexible, open-minded, and is looking for new solutions themselves on the market.”
Sumair Syed
Sumair Syed, Founder of Safely
“It was the flexibility of the Cloud Insurance system and the high level of professionalism in the team that convinced us. They know what they’re doing not only on the technical side but also on the insurance business side.”
Daniel Deckers

Daniel Deckers, Operations Manager at Maiden Life & General

“From the specs and requirements we set, Cloud Insurance was able to provide everything and tailor the things not only for our launch but also for the long-term.”
Ramin Jamei
Ramin Jamei, Co-Founder of Safely